Accessories English Vocabulary Video Exercises For Kids

Accessories are supplementary items that are used to enhance the appearance, performance, or functionality of a product. They can range from small items like jewelry, belts, and bags to larger items like furniture, car parts, and electronics. Accessories play a key role in personal style and self-expression, as well as in practical and technological advancement. For example, phone cases protect your phone from scratches and drops, while camera lenses allow you to take better photos. Accessories can also add convenience and comfort, like a wireless mouse for your computer or a smartwatch for staying connected on the go.

  • English Vocabulary Worksheet

Accessories vocabulary you will learn in these video: Hat, Glove, Apron, Socks, Tie, Earrings, Mirror, Glasses, Ring, Mitten, Sunglasses, Shoes, Jacket, Boot, Comb, Jeans, Handbag, Napkin, Raincoat, Umbrella,