Abbreviation English Vocabulary Video Exercises For Kids

An abbreviation is a shortened form of a word or phrase used for convenience. It can be a set of letters taken from the beginning of each word in a phrase, or it can be a combination of letters representing the whole phrase. For example, ”Mr.” is an abbreviation for ”Mister,” and ”Dr.” is an abbreviation for ”Doctor.” Some common abbreviations include ”et al.” (meaning ”and others”), ”i.e.” (meaning ”that is”), and ”e.g.” (meaning ”for example”). Abbreviations are used frequently in academic writing, business communication, and everyday conversation to save time and space. However, it's important to use them appropriately and consistently to avoid confusion.

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Abbreviation vocabulary you will learn in these video: Hugs and Kisses, Very Important Person, Throwback Thursday, Thanks, Please, On My Way, I Miss You, How Are You?, See You Later, Laugh Out Loud, Oh My God, In Search Of, I Love You, Age-Sex-Location, Hit Me Back, Just Kidding, By The way, Can't Talk Now, Good Job, Great,