Learn Opposites Vocabulary Online. Opposites Words Unscramble And Write - 1

The letters are mixed in our Opposites online exercises. You should write the mixed English words of the Opposites correctly. So you can check your ability to write English words.

English Dictionary; read, listen, write, learn.

Active - Lazy
acv yle zit-a
Ask - Answer
es-aw sr kna
Attck - Defend
ftk-ne decdt a
Boy - Girl
o-gl r yib
Calm - Excited
ia ec-xtmdlec
Dry - Wet
r-w t yed
Fat - Thin
a-tn i thf
Good - Bad
o d-adobg
Happy - Sad
day-a spp h
Heavy - Light
gey-ti lhva h
Human - Animal
iun-an amalm h
Left - Right
he g-ittfrl
Long - Short
ro o-htgnsl
Love - Hate
eo t-aevhl
Noisy - Quiet
ioy-tu qesi n
Sit - Stand
di-sn a tts
Sleeping - Awake
elpnw-ki aeaegs
Slow - Fast
tl s-awofs
Start - Finish
ntt-si firha s
Sweet - Sour
uwt-o sree s