Learn Opposites Vocabulary Online. Opposites Words Unscramble And Write - 7

The letters are mixed in our Opposites online exercises. You should write the mixed English words of the Opposites correctly. So you can check your ability to write English words.

English Dictionary; read, listen, write, learn.

Hardworker - Lazy
zrwlrydae ok-arh
Give - Get
Furious - Hilarious
hisosaruoir-lu iu f
Funny - Serious
r-yunnsso iuef
Friends - Enemies
eesnmisei-ed nr f
Friendly - Angry
ylngier ndyar-f
Fresh - Stale
a-hesse lrtf
Freeze - Melt
e zee te-lrmf
First - Last
s-trsl tiaf
Fall down - Get up
- o elpultngdw a f
Everybody - Nobody
-ooyoeydrbynbd v e
Entrance - Exit
caitrt xneen-e
Energetic - Tired
-etgiedrrctei n e
Ecstatic - Distraught
riahgssuatt itcdct-e
Dusk - Dawn
n ska-duwd
Dirty - Clean
e-yrtcn aild
Delightful - Sorrowful
rtgfwslorioul hf-euld
Delicious - Awful
-uocwllifsaiu e d
Deafening - Silent
-eieiatnflgsnn e d
Day - Night
tn-y g iahd