ESL Cars Vocabulary Online Learn - 3

The words to be written under the pictures on our Cars English online exercises are given in bulk at the top of our worksheet. Write the words under the correct pictures, you can check what you wrote. On our Cars vocabulary worksheet, you will understand how much you have learned the words and pictures you match in your memory.

English Dictionary; read, listen, write, learn.

Words: Window Regulator, Weatherstrip Seal, License Plate Base, Trunk Lock, Fuel Door, TPMS Sensor, Motor, Crankshaft, Transmission, Brake Pad, Hood, Frontward Arm Lateral Link, Fuel Pump, Spark Plug, Oxygen Sensor, Wheel Hub, Alternator, Fuel Tank, Starter, Carburetor

Window Regulator
Weatherstrip Seal
License Plate Base
Trunk Lock
Fuel Door
TPMS Sensor
Brake Pad
Frontward Arm Lateral Link
Fuel Pump
Spark Plug
Oxygen Sensor
Wheel Hub
Fuel Tank