Subtraction up to 5 Worksheets and Exercise

Get your child counting like a pro with our subtraction worksheets! These printable exercises are perfect for children who need to master numbers from 0 to 5. With fun themes and engaging activities, our subtraction worksheets will keep your little ones interested and motivated. Whether you're looking for simple subtraction problems or more challenging exercises, our worksheets will help your child get off to a great start in the exciting world of mathematics. Download our free 0 to 5 subtraction worksheets today and give your child a head start in math!

0 to 5 Column Subtraction - Standard

Give your child a fun challenge with our vertical subtraction worksheets for numbers 0 to 5. With 20 problems per page, kids will love competing to find the difference in 5. Download our free PDFs today.

0 to 5 Horizontal Subtraction - Standard

Introduce your kindergarten children to horizontal subtraction with our fun worksheets. Let them take the second number from the first and write the difference to the right of the '=' sign. Download now for free.