Subtraction up to 10 Worksheets and Exercise

Our free printable subtraction worksheets for kindergarten and 1st grade are designed to make learning fun while engraving the basics into young minds. With a range of tasks including column and horizontal subtraction up to 10, our worksheets are more like a game than a chore. By incorporating equal measures of enjoyment and education, we aim to stimulate the imagination of children and help them develop a strong foundation in subtraction. Start building a strong math foundation today with our fun and engaging subtraction worksheets!

0 to 10 Column Subtraction - Standard

Subtraction is an important skill that young learners need to master. Our vertically arranged subtraction worksheet set makes it easy to practice subtraction and find the difference. Solve realistic word problems to build practical skills.

0 to 10 Horizontal Subtraction - Standard

Help 1st graders build their subtraction skills with our printable worksheets on subtraction from 0 to 10. These worksheets teach kids to find the difference between two numbers and solve word problems to apply their knowledge in a practical way.

Subtraction Sentences - Missing Numbers

Help kids practice subtraction with our set of illustrated horizontal and vertical subtraction problems. Let them find missing subtractions and cons and make math flashier than ever before! Encourage their learning and watch them excel.