Subtracting Large Numbers Worksheets and Exercise

Looking for engaging multi-digit subtraction worksheets for your 4th and 5th-grade students? Our dynamic, student-centered worksheets feature an endless supply of vertical subtraction problems with 4, 5, 6, and 7-digit numbers, requiring regrouping or borrowing. Best of all, they're completely free! Ideal for enhancing math skills, our subtraction worksheets are perfect for teachers and parents seeking fun and challenging activities to help students improve their math fluency. Access our free worksheets today and watch your students thrive!

4-Digit Minus 3-Digit or 2-Digit Subtraction - Standard

Enhance your subtraction skills with ease by subtracting a 3-digit or 2-digit number from a 4-digit number using our aligned column-subtraction problems. Our printable worksheets offer an ideal way to stand out in your class!

4-Digit Subtraction- Standard

Our set of 60 pdf worksheets on 4-digit subtraction features problems for subtracting two 4-digit numbers. Regroup as necessary and identify their differences with ease. Our well-organized worksheets are the perfect way to reinforce subtraction skills.

4-Digit Subtraction - Finding the Missing Digits

Our printable subtraction problems are ideal for 4th and 5th graders and are designed to challenge their problem-solving skills. Some numbers are missing, but you can use the specified difference to find the missing digits, making these worksheets both fun and engaging.

5-digits minus 3-digits subtraction

Our free and printable subtraction worksheets help students master regrouping (borrowing) by subtracting 3-digit numbers from 5-digit numbers. Access all worksheets in this section with our easy download option.

5-digits minus 4-digits subtraction

Develop subtraction skills with our collection of free printable worksheets, which challenge students to find the differences between specified 5-digit and 4-digit numbers. Use our answer keys to check your work.

5-digits subtraction

Improve subtraction ability with our groups of column worksheets featuring 5-digit numbers in all digits. Apply the borrowing method as needed to solve these challenging problems.

5-digits subtraction - Mixed Review - Standard

Download our free and unique subtraction worksheets, which require students to find differences between 5-digit and 3, 4, or 5-digit numbers. Use them in class or print them for extra practice.

6-digits minus 4-digits subtraction

Strengthen subtraction skills with our free printable column subtraction worksheets, which challenge students to find the difference between 6-digit and 4-digit numbers. Regrouping skills are a must for these problems.

6-digits minus 5-digits subtraction

Reward learners with our challenging subtraction problems, which require subtracting 5-digit numbers from 6-digit numbers. Use our answer keys to verify your work and track your progress.

6-digits subtraction

Give 4th and 5th graders extra practice finding the difference between 6-digit numbers with our printable worksheets. Strengthen subtraction skills and build confidence in tackling larger numbers.

Mixed Review - Standard

Assess students' regrouping ability with our diverse mix of free printable worksheets, which feature a variety of 6 minus 4, 5, or 6 digit subtraction problems. Use them for homework or extra practice in class.

7-digits minus 5-digits subtraction

Our printable subtraction worksheets feature vertical format problems that challenge students to subtract 5-digit numbers from 7-digit numbers, helping them specialize in numerical skills.

7-digits minus 6-digits subtraction

Improve your subtraction skills with our exercise resource that focuses on finding the difference between 7-digit and 6-digit numbers. Check your answers with our helpful answer keys.

7-digits subtraction

Help students master multiple subtraction with our set of worksheets that provide plenty of exercises to measure and improve proficiency in this important skill.

Mixed Review Standard

Our free printable PDF subtraction worksheets are perfect for grades 4 and 5, featuring 7-digit minus 5, 6 or 7 digit numbers to practice the borrowing method. Ideal for classroom or homework assignments.