2-Digits Subtraction Worksheets and Exercise

Our printable 2-digit subtraction worksheets offer a fun way for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders to enhance their subtraction skills, with or without regrouping. This set of worksheets provides numerous activities to reinforce learning, including missing number completion, vertical and horizontal subtraction, word problems, and more. Our free worksheets are a must-have practice tool that can help students excel in their class. Improve your child's subtraction skills with our easy-to-use PDF worksheets today!

2-Digit Subtraction - No Regrouping

Our double-digit subtraction worksheets without regrouping/borrowing are perfect for beginners. Students can practice finding the difference between sets of 2-digit numbers with ease. Download and print these free PDFs today to give your students the practice they need to succeed in subtraction.

2-Digit Subtraction - Regrouping

Refill your grade 2 and 3 kid's mug with fun subtraction practice with our PDF subtraction set, featuring dozens of columnar and horizontal subtraction problems that teach borrowing.

2-Digit Subtraction - Fill in the Missing Digits

Develop your child's logical reasoning skills with our printable subtraction worksheets that alternate between easy and intermediate exercises, requiring them to find the missing numbers using the given difference in each problem.