2 Digits minus 1 Digit Subtraction Worksheets and Exercise

Improve your subtraction skills with our free 2-digit minus 1-digit subtraction worksheets in PDF format. Designed for students in Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3, these worksheets offer a variety of exercises, including horizontal and vertical subtraction, word problems, and subtraction with and without grouping. Our printable worksheets are perfect for helping young mathematicians take their subtraction abilities to the next level. Download now and start practicing subtraction from 2-digit to single-digit numbers. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your subtraction practice today!

Subtraction Without Regrouping

Our subtraction worksheets make it easy for first graders to master subtraction skills. With numbers arranged vertically and horizontally, students can subtract single-digit numbers from two-digit numbers quickly and easily. Download and print these worksheets to help your students acquire subtraction skills with ease.

Subtraction by Regrouping

Take your subtraction skills to the next level with our collection of free printable worksheets designed for 2nd graders. Learn to find the difference between 2-digit and 1-digit numbers with borrowing, and improve your trading skills. Download these free PDFs today to help your students become subtraction experts.