2-digits by 1-digits Division Worksheets and Exercise

Get a head start in math with our comprehensive collection of 2-digit 1-digit split worksheets. Our packs cover a range of activities and exercises, including dividing 2-digit 1-digit integers using grids, calculating quotients and remainders, solving word problems, finding missing numbers, exploring the relationship between multiplication and division, and more. With our answer key, you can check your work and gain confidence in your skills. Try some of our free worksheets today and discover the joy of mastering division!

Standard Division - Without Remainder

Master division skills with our division worksheets. Follow the steps to solve division equations until the remainder is less than the divisor or there are no more numbers to divide.

Standard Division - With Remainder

Our printable PDFs provide standard division problems and real-life word problems to help you divide 2-digit whole numbers by single-digit divisors using the long division method. Follow the steps and get accurate quotients and remainders.

Divide and Check

Division is the opposite of multiplication, and with our resources, kids can practice this fundamental skill with ease. Multiply the quotient and divisor, add the remainder, and check if the answer is the same as the split. This process is designed to provide instant self-assessment for students.