Adding Large Numbers Worksheets and Exercise

Looking to improve your skills in multi-digit addition? Our website offers a wide variety of printable worksheets for teachers, parents, and students, featuring numbers ranging from 4 to 6 digits and beyond. Our collection includes standard problems, word problems, mixed additions, list addition, place value arrangement, and missing digits, providing ample opportunities for practice. Best of all, many of these worksheets are available free of charge. Visit us now to start mastering multi-digit addition with our comprehensive collection of exercises and problems.

Addition 4-digit worksheets

Give your students a challenge with our 4-digit addition worksheets! Each problem includes two addends, both with four digits, and is designed to help students master addition with large numbers.

Addition 4-digit and 3-digit worksheets

Our 4-digit and 3-digit addition problems are a great way to help students build their addition skills with large numbers. Each problem includes one addend with four digits and one with three digits, giving students a chance to practice regrouping and other important addition strategies.

Addition 5-digit worksheets

If you're looking for a way to help your students practice real-life addition problems, our set of 5-digit addition worksheets is perfect! With a variety of standard problems and two appendices, these worksheets cover a range of scenarios to help students apply their addition skills in meaningful ways.

Addition 6-digit worksheets

Take your students' addition skills to the next level with our 6-digit addition worksheets! Each problem includes two addends with six digits, and real-life word problems help students see the practical applications of addition.

Addition worksheets - 3 addends

Our 3-addend worksheets are a great way to challenge your students and help them develop their addition skills. With four sections covering different numbers of digits, these worksheets are perfect for students of all skill levels.

Missing digits

Improve your addition skills with our missing digits worksheets! Two levels are available, with two digits missing in level 1 and three digits in level 2. Can you identify the correct digits to reach the required total?