3-Digits Addition Worksheets and Exercise

Looking for printable 3-digit addition exercises for students in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade? Our free worksheets offer a variety of options, including adding more than two numbers, missing digits, and place value blocks. You can choose between horizontal or vertical formats, and opt for word problems or simple addition exercises. Whether you need regrouping or non-regrouping problems, we've got you covered. Download our worksheets for free and give your students the practice they need to master 3-digit addition.

3-Digit and 2-Digit

Our 3-digit and 2-digit addition problems are sorted into four categories: regrouping, no regrouping, word problems, and no problem. Whether your student needs practice with carrying over or can handle multi-step word problems, we have resources to help.

Column 3-digit Addition Drill No Regrouping

For a focused exercise on 3-digit regrouping, try our printable worksheet with selected problems that require carrying over. Use a timer to increase the challenge and reinforce key skills for your students.

Column 3-digit Addition Drill - Regrouping

Sharpen your regrouping skills with our collection of printable exercises. These problems are specially designed to help students master carrying over and build their confidence in complex addition problems.

Horizontal 3-digit Addition Drill - No Regrouping

Our printable worksheets offer 20 unique questions per page, with 3-digit addends in rows and no regrouping required. With clear instructions and engaging themes, these worksheets are perfect for independent practice or homework assignments.

Horizontal 3-digit Addition Drill - Regrouping

Help your 3rd and 4th grade students specialize in addition with our regrouping exercises. These printable worksheets offer challenging problems that require carrying over and encourage students to think critically about multi-digit addition.

Missing Digits

With our printable worksheets, students can practice finding missing digits in addition problems. Each worksheet has 20 problems, with two digits missing on the easy level and three digits missing on the intermediate level. These worksheets are perfect for 3rd and 4th grade classrooms or homeschooling.

Adding More Addends

Our 3-digit addition PDF worksheets are perfect for young learners who are ready to tackle more complex addition problems. Each worksheet features three, four, or five addends to challenge students and help them develop their addition skills.