2-Digits Addition Worksheets and Exercise

Our printable 2-digit addition worksheets cover a range of exercises and activities, including addition with or without regrouping, missing digits, and 2-digit plus 1-digit numbers. They're suitable for 1st and 2nd graders and can be used in the classroom with smart devices. Our PDF worksheets also include innovative 2-step addition and ten basic blocks balancing operations. Boost your child's math skills with our free worksheets. Download them now!

Sum up to 20

Practice Two-Digit Plus Single-Digit Addition with Printable Worksheets for 1st Grade Our printable worksheets for 1st grade offer a fun and engaging way to practice two-digit plus single-digit addition. With a range of equations that add up to 20, your students will develop their addition skills and build confidence. With our colorful designs and engaging themes, young learners will enjoy practicing their math skills.

2-Digit Plus - Single-Digit

Improve Your Double-Digit Addition Skills with Printable Worksheets for 2nd Grade Looking to improve your double-digit addition skills? Our printable worksheets for 2nd grade offer a range of problems arranged vertically, without adding regrouping and regrouping. With our engaging themes and fun designs, young learners will enjoy practicing their math skills and building confidence.

Column 2-digit Addition Drill - No Regrouping

111For those looking to practice column addition without regrouping, we offer a dedicated section that includes a range of addends to suit different levels of learning. Our worksheets use colorful themes and attractive graphics to make learning engaging and enjoyable, while also challenging young minds to think critically and problem-solve effectively. With options for different learning levels and preferences, our worksheets are perfect for parents, teachers, and homeschooling families looking to support their children's math education. Download our free PDFs today and give your child the gift of confidence in math!

Column 2-digit Addition Drill - Regrouping

Improve your 2-digit addition skills with our regrouping drills! Practice finding the sum of suffixes with 20 additional drills per page.

Horizontal 2-digit Addition Drill - No Regrouping

Hone your math skills with our horizontal addition problems. Explore various difficulty levels and improve your accuracy and speed.

Horizontal 2-digit Addition Drill - Regrouping

Need help with regrouping aggregation? Our 2-digit addition exercises with appendices arranged along the lines will guide you through the process.

Missing Digits

Develop your addition proficiency with our "find the missing digit" worksheets. Solve problems with one or two missing digits at different levels of difficulty.

Adding More Addends

Looking for additional practice? Check out our collection of 2-digit addition worksheets with three, four, and five appendices arranged along the column.