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Articles For Kids Esl Activities Games Worksheets In This Free Article Game, Students Complete Sentences With A, An, The, And Null Options By Completing Correct Or Incorrect Statements And Talking About Various Topics For 45 Seconds. Give Each Group Of Three A Game Printout, Dice, And A Stopwatch. The Players Then Take Turns Rolling The Dice And Moving The Stopwatches Throughout The Game. One Player Says, "true Or False?" They Complete The Statement With The Correct Article A, An, Or The And Continue. If The Player Can Do This Correctly, He Gets Two Points. If He Makes A Mistake, He Cannot Get -1 Points, If He Leaves It Blank, He Cannot Get Any Points. The Players Then Check The Answers. When A Group Reaches The Finish Point, The Game Is Over. Students In The Group With The Most Points Win The Game. Articles Game Esl, Articles Games, Articles Games For Grade 2, Articles Grammar, Articles Grammar Exercises With Answers, Articles Grammar Exercises, Articles Grammar Examples, Articles Grammar Rules, Articles Grammar Worksheets, Articles Grade 2, Articles Grade 1.

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