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Past Continuous Tense Worksheets For Kids Past Continuous Tense Worksheets For Kids. The Past Continuous Tense, Also Known As The Past Progressive Tense, Refers To A Continuing Action Or State That Was Happening At Some Point In The Past. The Past Continuous Tense Is Formed By Combining The Past Tense Of To Be I.e., Was/were With The Verb’S Present Participle -Ing Word. There Are Many Situations In Which This Verb Tense Might Be Used In A Sentence. For Example, It Is Often Used To Describe Conditions That Existed In The Past. Past Continuous Exercise, Past Continuous Tense Esl Worksheets, English Exercises, Reading Comprehension Grammar Questions, English Grammar Studies, Multiple Choice Questions, Writing And Speaking Activities, Gap Fill And Matching Exercises, Esl Printable Grammar Games, English Language Teaching Resources, English Grammar, Past Continuous Tense, Past Continuous Tense Examples.

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Past Continuous Tense Worksheets For Kids